Texarkana Wilbur Smith Rotary
Last Week's Program:
Robert Bice Discussing Effective Communication Skills
Robert Bice who is connected with "Escape Texarkana" explained that we would all greatly benefit from improving our communication skills.  He explained that it is important to hear, understand, respond to, and effectively relate the points we intend. Communication is more than words; it is gestures, tone of voice, and conditions, as well as our biases and preconceived perspectives that influence how we communicate with one another.  If we strive to understand how different people process information in different ways, we can communicate more productively and empathetically. The most effective communication enables the listener to perceive the message well enough so that they can absorb and accomplish what the speaker intends. Robert used sandwich making to illustrate communication components.
"Escape Texarkana" is a game room with 4 active games including evil sheriff, mad scientist, and phantom killer. ET immerses participants into interactive problem solving games.  Participants have 60 minutes to break out from one of four of real life escape rooms. Participants are to figure out how to crack the codes, employ their intuition, and solve the riddles. For more information, visit www.escapetxk.com