Texarkana Wilbur Smith Rotary
Suggested Sources for Economical & U.S./World Affairs Information:
The Economist - source of US & global news. They have free podcasts on iTunes that are conversational, and they also have a podcast that reads the entire "real" articles but you have to have a subscription.
Fareed Zakaria's "GPS: The Global Public Square" (free on podcasts or on CNN each Sunday morning)

For national security/defense, Tom Ricks, war correspondent, runs a free blog called "Best Defense".

NPR has free app with many stories available in audio format (the same news stories they play on the radio, except available "on demand" through the app").
For focus specifically on the US economy, the minutes of the Federal Reserve quarterly public meetings come out every three months and are a one-stop-shop for getting up to speed on the main factors driving (or not driving) our economy. (Are archived on the Fed's .gov website, but whenever new meeting notes come out, they are hyperlinked from news outlets.)

The BBC has free app that lets you listen to their World News broadcast for free 24/7.  (More robust than typically US news.)
NPR - TED Talks Podcast, Ted Radio Hour "Ted Talks" is also on YouTube
NPR podcast - "This American Life" and weekly news program called "Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me"

Suggested Reading from Fellow Club Member, Jennifer Laurent:
"Same Kind of Different As Me
-A book co-written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, with Lynn Vincent, telling about Hall's and Moore's intersecting life journeys.  Moore grew up as a sharecropper on a plantation in Red River Parish, Louisiana. He lived through years of hardship and homelessness, but changed both his and others' lives after meeting Hall, who was volunteering in a meals program.  It goes into the developing personal friendship between two men of entirely different upbringing, and the struggle that is required to make and maintain such a friendship across a wide cultural canyon. The characters struggle with raw and honest emotions, real life situations, and set an example for those who want to be challenged to make a difference in their own lives and those around them. The story also reveals the true level of commitment required to be an effective leader in service to others.