Texarkana Wilbur Smith Rotary
How Well Do You Know Fellow Club Member, Sheriff Ron Stovall?
Favorite places visited:
Quantico, Virginia, home of the FBI National Academy & the Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps
The beaches of Destin, Gulf Shores, the Outer Banks, and San Diego.

What is the most unusual job you have ever had?
Participating in seizing the compound of “The Covenant, The Sword, and The Arm of the Lord,” and the Cuban Crisis at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas.

What is your pet peeve?
Rude people.

Have you ever received an award for anything?
My prized award is the plaque from the FBI National Academy.

Did/Do you play sports?
I played basketball, baseball and softball.  Now, I jog and lift weights.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A policeman.

What is your favorite season and why?
Fall is my favorite time of the year.  I enjoy Razorback football, and watching the foliage change and the coolness of the season.

What’s your motto in life?
“You are here to make the world a better place because you lived”

Describe your closet.
My closet is very personal space. It is much like a military installation.  All items are arranged by style and color.  I once sold a house  based on the condition of my closet.

Beach or mountains?
Hard decision.  I like them both. I appreciate all of God’s creation.

What is a fun experience you have had recently?
Dinner with a group of close friends every Wednesday evening.

What is the best game you’ve ever been to?
The Miracle on Markham Street” -   Arkansas over LSU.
What is your favorite sports team?
St. Louis Cardinals & Arkansas Razorbacks

If you could replay a big moment in your life?
August of 2004.  The day I received my promotion to Captain in the Arkansas State Police.

If you could invite a few famous people over for dinner, who would you choose?
Thomas Jefferson, USMC General James Mattis and then share a snort of whiskey with General George Patton.  

Which person do you most admire?
Federal Judge Harry Barnes, retired Marine Corps Colonel.

What is your favorite music?
50’s and 60’s Rock & Roll and Old country music – Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Haggard and George Jones.
What is your favorite Movie?
Second-Hand Lions

What book are your reading now?
Jerry Lee Lewis – His Own Story by Rick Bragg.  My favorite book is “Flags of Our Fathers.”

Where would you like to retire?
Somewhere near the water.

What is a goal you have for yourself?
To continue to serve my friends and fellow citizens in a meaningful capacity.

Tell about an instance you did something heroic.
My career has placed me in many positions where it was necessary to control fear, and to turn it into bravery. 

Tell us about your kids.
Shane and Shannon.  One grand-buddy. Nicholas.

How do you unwind after a stressful day?

Dream car?
I own her.  “Baby.”  A 2001 red Corvette convertible.