Texarkana Wilbur Smith Rotary
Pictured above is Donovan on a horse in Tusheti, Georgia (Republic of), his wife, Nino, from Georgia (Republic of), his 9 year old daughter, Salome, who was born on Christmas Day, and photos taken in Pankisi Gorge (in front of camo vehicle) - Georgia (Republic of), and 3 scenic photos in Tusheti, Georgia (Republic of) near the Dagestan and Chechnya borders.
Club Member Q&A - How Well Do You Know Donovan Driver?
What are your favorite places you have visited?
-Tusheti, Georgia (Republic of) in the Caucasus Mountains
-Berlin, Germany
-Big Bend National Park, Texas
What's your favorite season?
-Spring, when we have an actual spring!
Beach or mountains?
What are your favorite hobbies or recreational activities?
-Spending time with my wife, Nino and our daughter, Salome. I also enjoy photography, art, riding my bicycle and being outdoors.
Have you ever won an award for anything, and if so, for what?
-I was honored to have won the Kline Cup Award with United Way in 2014.
What's one of your pet peeves?
-Total confusion at an intersection with 4-way stop signs. 1-2-3-4 people!
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
-Astronaut. Some folks say I made it to Space Cadet without all the rigorous training.
If you could be doing a different line of work than you are doing now, what would you want to be doing?
-If money were not a concern, I’d be a photojournalist.
What is a book you are currently reading or recently finished reading?
-The Long Shadow of Chernobyl by Gerd Ludwig.
Is there something you'd like to share about yourself that you think most other people may not know?
-I once sought out to be a combat photographer which led to my wife and me finding each other. I asked her to marry me after having known her in person for only two days. That was 13 years ago. 
Describe your closet?
-Slacks, button up shirts and dress shoes on one half.
-Jeans, black tees and a pair of beat up converse shoes on the other half.
What was the last thing you geeked-out about?
-I love photography and have been known to have a bad case of gear acquirement syndrome or G.A.S. for short. That said, I am pretty sure it was a manual focus lens.