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As of this past Friday, July 24th, Nigeria is one year without a Polio case.  Great news.

Kenyan Roman Catholic Bishops Urge Citizens to Boycott Polio Vaccination Campaign

NAIROBI, Kenya — Roman Catholic bishops in Kenya have urged citizens to boycott a mass polio vaccination campaign, unless the safety of the vaccine has been confirmed through scientific tests.

Ahead of the campaign’s launch, the bishops questioned the safety of the vaccines, saying the manufacturer failed to provide requested information and the government disregarded the bishops’ request for tests.

Their concerns heightened after a recent unrelated incident in which about 30 children who received an injection of an anti-malarial drug in a dispensary in western Kenya appeared to be paralyzed. The drug, believed to be quinine for advanced cases, was found to contain the pain drug paracetamol, according to the bishops. Paracetamol is also known as acetaminophen.

The government Ministry of Health defended the vaccine in a statement issued Tuesday (July 28.)

-Excerpts from cruxnow.com